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Could diet be used to help manage your blood pressure?

It is well known that our diet influences the risk of high blood pressure. New evidence from our laboratory has emerged that this may be due to the bacteria that live in our gut. While our bodies are incapable of digesting some types of fibre, they are fermented in the gut, where they feed the community of ‘good’ bacteria. This results in the release of substances that can be detected in our blood and might be beneficial in lowering our blood pressure. The current study will expand our knowledge of the gut bacteria in the setting of normal and high blood pressure to help us understand the types of bacteria present in those who develop high blood pressure and, whether these bacteria could be contributing to the increase in blood pressure.

We are no longer recruiting for this trial.

We will be conducting a new trial later in 2018.

To learn more about this research or express your interest in participating in the 2018 trail, please contact:

Dr Francine Marques
T +61 3 8532 1916

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