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Dr Kate Weeks is a Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow who leads the Molecular Cardiology Group at the Baker Institute.

Her team works to identify new drug targets for the treatment of heart disease. They do this by investigating how proteins communicate with one another in the healthy heart, and what goes wrong with these protein signaling networks in people with heart disease.

Right now Kate is keeping her research moving by analysing experimental data and writing up the results into scientific journal articles so they can be communicated with the wider community.

Working from home with kids can be a tricky juggle, but one thing Kate makes a priority is exercise, because she knows it’s really important for heart health.

In Kate’s house they’ve been playing ‘keepy-uppy’ with her son’s favorite balloons, blasting music for a boogie before bath time, and blowing bubbles to chase in the backyard.

Kate is urging all parents to think about how they can integrate physical activity into their children’s day, so we can all keep it moving, big and small.

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