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Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists provide information and guidance on physical activity including:

  • Safe and effective exercise for managing chronic illness including diabetes, heart disease and weight.
  • Physical assessment, including current or past injury, medical conditions and current fitness.
  • Personalised exercise program including onsite gym and home based activity options.

Exercise can target and prevent a variety of conditions. Exercise can help improve your:

  • blood glucose control
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol levels
  • weight control
  • heart and lung function
  • muscle mass
  • bone health
  • physiological and psychological wellbeing
  • metabolic profile
  • muscle strength, endurance and flexibility
  • balance, coordination and posture
  • ability to complete activities of daily living.

Exercise can also have the potential to reduce or eliminate the need for some medications through improving a person's clinical status.

Individual and group appointments are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To book or reschedule an appointment, please telephone reception (03) 8532 1800.

No referral is necessary. Referrals from health professionals can be faxed to (03) 8532 1899.

Fee structure

Most exercise physiology appointments are subsidised by Department of Health funding.

Appointment fees start at $10 for people with a health care or pension card and increase to $95 for an initial appointment ($45 for review appointments) according to a person’s income level.

Team Care Arrangement plans coordinated by a general practitioner with allocated visits to allied health practitioners are accepted. Allocated visits are bulk billed. An out of pocket fee applies to initial private fee service appointments.

Cancellation Fee will be applied for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or for non attendance at a scheduled appointment.


Interpreter available on request

Free interpreter available.

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Rights and responsibilities
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