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Good science does not thrive in isolation and these mutually beneficial relationships are key to our standing as the nation’s premier cardiovascular and diabetes research institute

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute contributes to better health by forming partnerships with research and healthcare organisations, industry and communities of interest to drive medical research through strategic collaboration; to inform policy, education and best-practice guidelines; and to promote optimum approaches to the prevention and management of disease.


    We are a member of the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP) and have advanced collaborative relationships with its partners

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  • Monash Partners

    We are one of the eight member organisations of Monash Partners, an innovative Australian health industry, research and educational collaboration

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  • Corporate engagement

    Engaging with external organisations helps achieve our mission of reducing death and disability from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related disorders

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With the rising number of Australians affected by diabetes, heart disease and stroke, the need for research is more critical than ever.

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