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The vital role of medical research in healthcare

Research projects underway at the Baker Institute have the potential to change the face of diabetes and heart disease prevention and management. Often, this groundbreaking research would not be possible without volunteers participating in clinical trials.

Clinical research trials at the Baker Institute may involve new drugs, devices or lifestyle strategies to help manage pre-existing medical conditions, while others may look at preventative measures to reduce the risk of disease.

Clinical research involves volunteers from all walks of life. Before commencing a trial, participants must qualify to ensure that they meet the criteria for participation. These criteria may be based on several factors, such as age, gender, medical history, or current treatment regimes.

The personal information of every volunteer remains confidential and will only be used for the purposes of approved research projects.

All trials run by the Baker Institute are approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee to ensure they operates under the national guidelines on ethical conduct in human research (See www.nhmrc.gov.au).

Contributing to medical advancements

Participating in clinical research has proven to be a rewarding experience for many. Involvement varies from a simple blood donation and questionnaires, through non-invasive medical procedures such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), to more involved procedures.

Learn more about how you can make a difference and improve the health of Australians by becoming a clinical research volunteer. See our list of current trials and please note, all enquires are treated with the strictest confidence.