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Keep it moving!

At the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute we are constantly working to identify, treat and prevent heart disease and diabetes in the community in the hope that we can help people feel less vulnerable.

An enormous amount of time, resources, expertise and passion is poured into the work we do at the Baker Institute, and that’s why we want to keep our research moving forward through this time.

But not only that, we want to keep you moving too!

For our community — those living with cardiovascular disease and diabetes, those with loved ones who live with these chronic conditions, as well as our supporters, staff and stakeholders — keeping active and healthy is more important than ever.

Physical activity fact sheets

At the Baker Institute, building evidence to show the dangers of sedentary behaviour and the importance of physical activity is a critical part of our research.

So as this pandemic plays out and a significant proportion of our community are being asked to remain at home, we will be drawing on the expertise of our world-class scientists to provide advice and encouragement to help people keep moving wherever they are.

Nutritional fact sheets

To keep your body moving, it’s important you fuel it with the right food, particularly for those of us living with heart disease or diabetes.

We’ve worked with our team of dietitians to develop a series of isolation fact sheets packed full of nutrition know-how — whether you’re cooking at home, shopping at the supermarket or supporting a local food business through home delivery.

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