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Nicola Sergienko is currently completing her PhD in our Cardiac Hypertrophy lab, investigating the role a particular protein plays in the heart.

Her work is contributing to the lab’s wider research, exploring the process of cardiac hypertrophy — an increase in heart size — in both the diseased heart and the athlete’s heart.

Nicola is a self-described people-person and loves collaboration — she’s a member of five of our volunteer committees, including our Gender Equity and Diversity Committee!

She believes so much of science is about making connections with people, and it’s important we continue with that even while many of us are working from home.

As much as possible Nicola is aiming to replicate the wonderful relationships she has in her lab, and across the Institute, with regular phone calls and video meetings.

She’s urging everyone to stay connected at this time, while looking after their mental and physical wellbeing.

For Nicola keeping it moving means getting stuck into writing the first paper from her PhD, catching up on her reading, and following gym classes remotely online.

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