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Dr Rachel Climie is studying vascular ageing to help us understand what our large arteries can tell us about our risk of heart disease beyond the common risk factors. It is critical work given the widespread impact of cardiovascular disease in our community.

Rachel is interested in the decline in vascular structure and function, the consequences of early vascular ageing (such as in patients with diabetes or cancer) and how exercise can be used to prevent or delay this.

She is an ESSA accredited exercise physiologist and Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow based in the Sports Cardiology Laboratory at the Baker Institute, having recently returned from Paris where she was studying cardiovascular epidemiology and arterial mechanics.

Given her expertise, Rachel is particularly concerned about the physical activity levels of vulnerable groups in our community during large amounts of time at home during COVID-19. That’s why she and colleagues recently put together a series of dedicated exercise flyers providing easy, safe exercise programs aimed at keeping people moving during lockdown.

She knows the health impacts when people stop exercising, and conversely the significant metabolic health benefits people derive from regular physical activity, particularly those with chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Even if we are at home, she is urging us to Keep it Moving!


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