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Crisdion Krstevski is a PhD candidate in the Cardiac Cellular Systems laboratory at the Baker Institute, under the supervision of Dr Alex Pinto.

As part of his PhD, Crisdion is investigating how the cells change in the heart during cardiac hypertrophy, which is when the heart gets bigger in response to a certain stimulus, and is something that can contribute to heart failure.

Working from home right now, Crisdion is writing a literature review, an important part of his PhD that evaluates the most current evidence in his research area. He’s also keeping in touch with his lab online to stay on top of tasks and connected, and working with colleagues to analyse large amounts of data from previous experiments to get it out to the rest of the world.

To keep active Crisdion starts the day walking his dog and after work he goes for a jog. He tries to sit less and move more throughout the day, including with the use of a standing desk, and takes care of his mental health with regular phone calls to family and friends.

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