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Foot complications in diabetes The purpose of this guideline is to inform a broad range of health professionals and health care workers of best practice to identify, prevent and manage foot complications in adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Full guideline – the complete NHMRC approved guideline
Foot Guideline (full)

Clinician Guide – a useful tool for general practitioners and other health care professionals
Foot Complications Clinical Guide (A4 print friendly version)
Foot Complications Clinical Guide (A4 booklet)

Consumer brochures - Plain English summaries for people with diabetes
For people without foot complications
Preventing Foot Complications(A4 print friendly version)
Preventing Foot Complications (DL style brochure)

For people with foot complications (i.e. ulcers)
Preventing and Managing Foot Complications (A4 print friendly version)
Preventing and Managing Foot Complications (Dl style brochure) 

Results of systematic review (technical report)
Foot technical report (please note that this is a large PDF document and may take a few minutes to download) 

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