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Leader: Professor Jonathan Shaw

The Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study (AusDiab) is the largest Australian longitudinal population-based study examining the natural history of diabetes, pre-diabetes (in which glucose metabolism is impaired but not to the level to cause diabetes), heart disease and kidney disease. The 1999/2000 AusDiab study was the first National Diabetes prevalence study to be conducted in Australia, and included 11,247 adults from 42 different locations across Australia. The participants were followed up in 2004/2005 and again in 2011/12 to provide the first ever information about the incidence (or development) of diabetes and other non-communicable diseases in Australia over time.

AusDiab has investigated a wide array of risk factors for diabetes, obesity and kidney disease, and has made a major contribution to understanding the importance of sedentary time in relation to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. In addition to continuing to further the work in this area, the 2011/2012 follow-up added measures of cognitive function and physical disability.

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