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Dr Darren Henstridge

BSc(Hons) | PhD, Monash University

Dr Darren Henstridge

Group Leader: Molecular Metabolism and Ageing


Monash University supervisor

Baker Fellow | Group Leader

+61 3 8532 1708

Dr Henstridge is a Group Leader at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, with an adjunct appointment at Monash University via the Department of Medicine. Dr Henstridge was awarded his PhD in December 2007 under the supervision of Professor Bronwyn Kingwell where he investigated potential modulators of glucose metabolism in clinical trials. In 2008 he was recruited to the Cellular and Molecular Metabolism Laboratory (CMML) at the Baker Institute where he performed postdoctoral work under the supervision of Professor Mark Febbraio.

Currently he works with the Molecular Metabolism and Ageing Laboratory in the Basic Science Domain at the Baker Institute, where he combines his own research with the role as the manager of the Baker Institute mouse metabolic phenotyping facility and bioenergetics core. His research is primarily focussed on understanding mitochondrial and whole-body metabolic dysfunction and identifying targets to treat this in preclinical models.


  • Winner, Mitochondrial Physiology Poster Presentation, From Organelle to Organism (2015)
  • John Funder Award for best ECS oral presentation (2015)
  • Bayview Travel Award (2015)


  • Baker Institute Fellowship (2017)
  • Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) Skip Martin Fellowship (2013)

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