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Ms Monique Fatmous

Monique completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Latrobe University in 2018. During her undergraduate degree, Monique majored in biochemistry and took part in an Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Internship at the La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science (LIMS), where she determined functional and structural characteristics of a bacterial protein critical for bacterial virulence. She utilised a range of techniques including protein purification, protein crystallisation and bioanalytical assays.

In 2019, Monique joined the Molecular Proteomics laboratory to conduct her Honours project which aims to identify molecular drivers of human embryo implantation and fertility. Her project focuses on proteomic profiling of human uterine fluid, a protein-rich biological fluid within the uterine microenvironment that contains mediators critical for embryo implantation. Monique will employ label-based quantitative proteomic profiling of the uterine fluid secretome (soluble secreted factors and extracellular vesicles) of fertile and infertile women to provide insights into the molecular mechanisms of human embryo implantation. Importantly, Monique’s research will contribute to coordinating strategies for personalised IVF to improve pregnancy outcomes.

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