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Dr Sathish Thirunavukkarasu


Sathish Thirunavukkarasu is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, Emory School of Medicine. Sathish completed his Medical Degree, Diploma in Family Medicine, and Master's Degree in Public Health in India and received a PhD in Diabetes Epidemiology from the University of Melbourne in Australia. After his PhD, he did two years of Postdoctoral training at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and three more years at McMaster University in Canada.

His primary research focuses on the epidemiology of type 2 diabetes and its prevention by developing novel interventions. He is also keen on translating the evidence from research into clinical and public health practice. Sathish has published research articles in very high-impact, leading medical and global health journals such as Nature Reviews Endocrinology, The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, The Lancet Global Health, Diabetes Care, and PLoS Medicine as the lead author.

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