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Studying at the Baker Institute allows for a unique learning environment with an abundance of expertise.

The Institute accepts research students for Honours, Masters and PhD programs enrolled through an Australian University, and has a strong student base of over 130 students. By undertaking a project led by specialised scientists in medical research, students benefit from the experience of dedicated researchers making a difference to human health. Based next to the Alfred Hospital researchers collaborate closely with clinicians and allow for a bench to bedside approach to science with a number of research projects ranging from fundamental to clinical research.

Baker Institute supervisors have appointments with a range of universities, including:

Scholarship and Top-up award opportunities

In collaboration with University partners, the Institute may offer joint funded PhD Scholarships to talented students undertaking research at the Institute, based on the Research Training Program (RTP) rate. Opportunities will be advertised on the Institute and University websites.

In recognition of excellence the Institute also awards Top-ups to PhD student scholarship holders based on competitive merit. Top-ups are to the value of $6000 per year for three years.

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Student research opportunities

Beginning your research career with one of Australia's largest medical research institutes provides unique opportunities for Masters, Honours and PhD students.

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