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We engage with external organisations to help achieve our mission of reducing death and disability from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related disorders. Such engagement can take varying forms as outlined below. 


Brand partnerships that enable a partner to use the Institute's brand across its marketing materials in support of its business objective.

Commercialisation partnerships

Partnerships that involve the licensing of Baker Institute IP to a third party.


Philanthropic contributions made to the Baker Institute.


Contributions to a specific Baker Institute event, program or resource which enable this activity to take place.


Non-exclusive arrangements with the aim of helping people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related conditions to make informed decisions about products suitable for their needs.


Provision of professional services (e.g. contract research) by staff of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. Links to our Conflict of Interest and Whistleblower policies are available here.

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With the rising number of Australians affected by diabetes, heart disease and stroke, the need for research is more critical than ever.

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