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Nucleus Network is a not-for-profit clinical research company and Australia's leading clinical research organisation specialising in the conduct of early phase clinical trials.

Wholly-owned by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, the organisation comprises the Centre for Clinical Studies (an 80-bed early phase clinical trial unit located on the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct) and Clinical Trials Consulting.

Established in 2003 from seed funding from the Victorian Government, Nucleus Network became a fully independent subsidiary of the Baker Institute in 2005. Since it was established, Nucleus Network has conducted more than 500 clinical trials, including first-in-human studies.

Organisational structure

The organisation is structured as a public company limited by shares with an independent board. The not-for-profit status facilitates unique collaborations with hospital-based principal investigators, individual researchers, medical schools and access to dedicated research precinct facilities and capabilities.

Approach to clinical trials

Early phase clinical trials are a vital step in the process of bringing new medicines to the community. Every medicine sold over the counter or by prescription has undergone stringent clinical testing to ensure it is safe and effective, and it is this process that is undertaken at Nucleus Network.

Clinical trials performed at Nucleus Network involve either healthy volunteers or patients with specific medical conditions. The organisation relies heavily on community involvement in this process, and is grateful for the time and effort offered by participants, without whom new medicines would not reach the people who need them most.

The types of medicines tested at Nucleus Network are varied but are generally in the early stages of clinical development (phase I). Healthy volunteers are often involved in the earliest research because their bodies are ‘fully fit' to absorb and process new medicine. Patients with a specific diagnosis may also be involved in early studies; this is often the case when a medicine will only have an effect on specific symptoms.

An industry leader

As an industry leader, Nucleus Network follows strict adherence to the highest standards of clinical research, conducted in accordance with international regulatory requirements and expectations.

New drugs and compounds are administered in a strictly controlled environment, attended to 24 hours a day by Nucleus Network's specially trained medical support staff. Trial participants are closely monitored for reactions and have blood samples, blood pressure and other vital signs taken and carefully recorded at regular intervals.

This information protects the participants' health as well as providing vital information about the therapy under trial and informing the pharmaceutical company's understanding of the drug.

A collaborative approach

Nucleus Network provides collaboration opportunities for researchers on the AMREP precinct to be involved with cutting edge technologies and new discoveries, ensuring innovative treatments are available in hospitals. The trials benefit patients, create employment opportunities and support health infrastructure in Victoria.


5th Floor, Burnet Tower, AMREP Precinct
89 Commercial Road
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3004

Map (Burnet Precinct)

T +61 3 9076 8900
F +61 3 9076 8911

Mailing address

5th Floor, Burnet Tower, AMREP Precinct 
89 Commercial Road
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3004


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