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Dr Graeme Lancaster is a senior scientist in our Haematopoiesis and Leukocyte Biology lab, investigating how lipids impact on our immune cells.

A fundamental part of his team’s work is typically in the lab doing experiments, but Graeme is trying to use the current challenge as an opportunity.

Working from home, Graeme will be consolidating his research from the past two years looking at heart disease, diabetes and immunity.

He will be analysing a lot of the data collected over this time, and writing results into papers that he will seek to have published in the coming months.

To Graeme this is the most important part of the scientific process — getting his team’s findings out into the broader community.

He holds a prestigious NHMRC Ideas grant, is a member of our Gender Equity and Diversity Committee and is a keen driver of research engagement.

Exercise is an important part of Graeme’s life too. At the moment, he’s keeping active by walking his dogs — including Oren, the furry friend featured in the video below — and jumping on his stationary bike when he needs to let off some steam.

On top of that, Graeme says the best gym can be found in our homes, and the best equipment is our own body. He’s urging people to check out the Keep it Moving resources for ways they can maintain an exercise routine while in isolation.

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