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Insulin pump emergency information (20 cards)

by Baker Institute Education Services

This convenient pocket card contains important information needed to safely manage an insulin pump malfunction.

It can be difficult to remember exactly what to do in the event of a problem with an insulin pump.

This card combines step-by-step instructions for managing pump malfunctions with a record keeping section for all the necessary health profession contact details and pump setting details in one convenient card.

Suitable for people with type 1 diabetes on an insulin pump and health professionals educating clients on diabetes self management

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Featured product

All about pumps (1 booklet)

Baker Institute Education Services

This 20 page colour booklet is a guide for people with type 1 diabetes to help make an informed decision about insulin pump therapy. Some topics covered include: What is an insulin pump and how does it work? What are the benefits and challenges of insulin pump therapy? What are the costs involved? What pump should I use? Where to from here? Suitable for: People with type 1 diabetes Health professionals

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