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Ms Emily Jane King

BSc(Advanced)(Hons I) in Microbiology, University of Sydney

Emily is a part-time PhD Candidate (Monash University) based at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, supervised by Associate Professor Brian Drew, Dr Darren Henstridge and Associate Professor Anna Calkin. Her current project investigates whether insulin resistance develops as a result of mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle, using both mouse models and cell lines. The projected impact of these studies is to determine whether related conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes, can be managed with novel, muscle-specific therapies.

Emily is also a passionate educator, holding sessional roles as a Graduate Teaching Associate within the Faculty of Science at Monash University. Emily has a developing research interest in the fields of psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience.


  • Monash University, Baker Institute and ADS Travel Grants (2017)
  • Most outstanding student poster presentation, Victorian Obesity Consortium (2016)


  • Oral Presentation – Annual Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) Conference (2017)
  • Oral Presentation – ASMR, Victorian Student Research Symposium (2017)
  • The Cybec Foundation Scholarship, Bright Sparks Program (2016–present)
  • “Performing the Word Writing Retreat” Scholarship (2017)
  • Research Training Program (RTP, formerly APA) Scholarship (2016–present)

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