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Dr Guillaume Méric

BSc, UCBL, France | MSc, INSA Lyon, France | PhD, Norwich, UK

Researcher in microbial (meta)genomics, ecology, evolution and systems biology, currently leading and collaborating to multi-disciplinary projects involving the human microbiome in the clinical context.

I am based in Melbourne (Australia) and part of the Cambridge-Baker Systems Genomics Initiative, a joint research program led by A/Prof Michael Inouye between the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute (Melbourne, Australia) and the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge (UK). Also a visiting scholar at the Department of Infectious Diseases (Monash University Central Clinical School, Melbourne, Australia) in the lab of Prof. Kathryn Holt.

My past experiences include projects on clinical, environmental and veterinary bacterial pathogens, in collaboration with academic, clinical but also veterinarian and food-producing industrial partners and stakeholders.


  • Health Research Fellowship, NISCHR — National Institute for Social Care and Health Research, United Kingdom (2014–2016)

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