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Dr Guillaume Méric

BSc, UCBL, France | MSc, INSA Lyon, France | PhD, Norwich, UK

My research interests are broad and revolve around the ecology and evolution of bacteria (including pathogens) in relation to their human or animal hosts. I study different levels of these host-pathogen/host-bacterial interactions, mainly with a microbial population biology angle: how the ecology and environment can impact on bacterial, microbial population and microbiome evolution, how pathogens emerge from background asymptomatic carried populations, and how microbes jump and transmit between various hosts. I try to understand the impact of host factors (ecology, physiology or immunity) on the evolution and adaptation of the bacterial species they carry, as part of their microflora or as infecting external agents.

In the Systems Genomics lab, I'm working on pathogen and antimicrobial resistance gene detection from shotgun metagenomics data and how these relate to host phenotypes (human genetics, metabolomics, incident disease etc.). As part of this, I also collaborate closely with Dr Kathryn Holt's lab at the Bio21 Institute (University of Melbourne). 



  • Health Research Fellowship, NISCHR — National Institute for Social Care and Health Research, United Kingdom (2014–2016)

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