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The Cardiovascular Clinics we provide are:

Heart Clinic

This clinic helps people with cardiovascular disease manage their condition day-to-day. Through clinical consultations, cardiologists provide support and treatment to patients.

Through a combination of referring patients to other labs in the Baker Institute, particularly Clinical Imaging, and in house testing, the Cardiovascular Clinic boasts the necessary services to comprehensively manage cardiovascular disease. These include ECG, echocardiography (inc. stress echocardiography), Holter monitoring ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and cardiac MRI.

Complimentary to the clinical service, cardiologists in this lab conduct research into Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). This inherited disease is defined by the presence of otherwise unexplained thickened heart muscle and is a major cause of sudden cardiac death in young athletes. Through the use of our cardiac MRI machine, researchers hope to improve the identification and management of people with HCM.

Other research involves using the data gained at the Healthy Hearts Clinic to evaluate risk factors and their connection to cardiovascular disease.

Sam Wood, Everyday Health, comes in to the Baker Specialist Clinics to undergo a stress echocardiogram

Heart Imaging

This service incorporates our internationally recognised expertise in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMR) supported by expert cardiologists, radiologists and radiographers.

The recently installed Siemens 3T MRI scanner is our most sophisticated imaging tool.

Many of our laboratories require imaging data from patients with and without underlying cardiac disease to under take their high quality research. This need for data means we are often able to offer a reduced cost service to clients, with minimal waiting times, if they provide consent for their de-identified data to be used to assist in cardiac research.
To make an appointment, your GP will need to complete the Cardiac MRI referral form.


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