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Student research project

Supervisors: Professor David Dunstan and Michael Wheeler

Project summary

The new “working from home” model has created much needed flexibility for workers in the face of Covid restrictions. However, it has also cut opportunities for active commuting, incidental physical activity and social interaction associated with face-to-face meetings. It is unknown what the toll of this will be on metabolic and cognitive health.

There is an opportunity for a PhD student to join the Baker-Deakin Department of Lifestyle and Diabetes to undertake work to investigate whether the working from home model poses a health risk to portions of the population due to changes in the pattern of physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and social interaction throughout the day. This research question will be addressed through real world studies using wearables to investigate how these behaviours influence physiological function and by taking an epidemiological approach to investigate relationships between these behaviours and health outcomes. 

This project is suitable for a PhD student and will involve human research.

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