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The Preclinical Cardiology Microsurgery and Imaging Platform is a highly specialised group of cardiac physiologists with expertise and access to state-of-the-art technologies at the Baker Institute. The platform leverages the combined expertise of cardiologists and researchers to continually develop and deliver rigorous models of cardiac injury and disease for the evaluation of new interventions and the identification of novel therapeutic targets.

We operate at the leading edge of preclinical cardiology research collaborating multi-nationally with industry and academic partners, preceded by its established history of leading preclinical trials of new medicines.

Contact us for studies requiring small or large animal models of heart attack, cardiac arrest, or heart failure; individual cardiac models or assessments; or independent preclinical trial design and/or delivery.

Our expertise

The platform team and facilities are of international high standing, uniquely equipped with gold-standard surgical and imaging technologies enabling a full suite of capabilities, including:

Cardiology models

  • Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion (MIR): infarction, cardioprotection and heart failure studies.
  • Aortic banding/constriction: hypertension, and chronic heart failure studies.
  • Cardiac Arrest (CA) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Global ischemia-reperfusion studies, neurological studies.

Surgical assessments

  • Pressure catheterisation: intracardiac and arterial pressure studies.
  • Pressure-volume catheterisation: intracardiac pressure-volume loop and PVR studies.
  • Electrophysiology: surface lead, implantable telemetry, and EP catheter studies.

Cardiac imaging

  • Systolic echocardiography: 2-D and 3-D geometry, EF%, LFS% and Strain (mechanics).
  • Diastolic echocardiography: Mitral valve Doppler and tissue Doppler.
  • 9.4T Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (cMR) Imaging: LV/RV geometry and function.

We are the Official Training Partner of Visualsonics (Cardiac Imaging) and AD Instruments (Cardiac P-V Haemodynamics) and offer hands-on surgical and imaging training workshops throughout the year. Contact us to enquire about upcoming workshops.

Equipment and facilities

  • Small and Large Animal Surgical Theatre/s with HD-recording Surgical Microscopes (Zeiss), Advanced Life Support and monitoring capabilities.
  • Vevo F2 Ultra-high Frequency Cardiac Ultrasound (Visualsonics, Fujifilm), with a complete assortment of cardiac probes for very small to large animals.
  • High-resolution 9.4T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI; Bruker) with cardiac-specific coils, Intragating, and established cardiac imaging sequences with LGE.
  • Powerlab-enabled catheter lab with pressure, pressure-volume, and electrophysiology capabilities (shielded/low-noise environment).
  • Endura Fluoroscope (Philips) for large animal fluoroscopy enabling percutaneous balloon/stent deployment and intervention.

Video: Images acquired with the Alfred Research Alliance Preclinical Imaging Facility's new state-of-the-art 9.4T MRI showing the four chambers of a normal mouse heart and a failing heart as it beats. Images were collected as part of a new collaboration investigating heart disease headed by A/Prof Julie McMullen from the Cardiac Hypertrophy laboratory at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. The images were acquired by Dr David Wright, Head of Preclinical Imaging in the Department of Neuroscience, Central Clinical School, and Dr Daniel Donner from the Preclinical Cardiology Microsurgery and Imaging Platform at the Baker Institute. (13sec)

Opportunities for students

Contact us for details of upcoming projects and opportunities for the supervision of Masters and PhD students.


Access to this platform is dependent on the specific project arrangement, by collaboration, fee-for-service or hybrid.


Professor Julie McMullen
Domain Head, and Preclinical Cardiology Microsurgery and Imaging Platform Manager

Dr Daniel Donner
Preclinical Microsurgery, Training and Contract Management

Dr Helen Kiriazis
Preclinical Imaging and Training

Dr Aascha D’Elia
Technical Officer

Kyah Grigolon
Technical Officer

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With the rising number of Australians affected by diabetes, heart disease and stroke, the need for research is more critical than ever.

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