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Associate Professor Sara Baratchi

Associate Professor Sara Baratchi

Head: Mechanobiology and Microfluidics


Alice Baker and Eleanor Shaw Gender Equity Fellow


RMIT University supervisor

University of Melbourne supervisor

Laboratory Head

+61 3 8532 1170

Associate Professor Sara Baratchi is head of Mechanobiology and Microfluidics laboratory based at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and RMIT.

Her research focuses on pioneering artificial models of human blood vessels and heart valves using advanced microfabrication and microfluidic technologies to systematically elucidate the molecular mechanisms that control cellular responses to hemodynamic forces.

These so-called organ-on-a-chip models offer unique advantages for advancing vascular biology at both basic and applied levels and for screening novel therapeutics for cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

A/Prof Baratchi’s work is multidisciplinary and involves close collaboration with engineers, vascular biologists, immunologists, bioinformaticians and clinicians.


  • Australian Vascular Biology Society (AVBS) Achievement and Career Development Award (2023)
  • Alice Baker and Eleanor Shaw Gender Equity Fellowship (2023)
  • Established Researcher Award, STEM College, RMIT University (2022)
  • Inaugural Outstanding Service Award, The Australian Society for Mechanobiology (2021)
  • Best Basic Research Award, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute (2020)
  • ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DE170100239) "The molecular basis of endothelial mechanotransduction through TRPV4" (2017–2020)
  • Athena SWAN Academic Leadership Award, RMIT University (2017)
  • Emerging Researcher Award from RMIT’s School of Health and Biomedical Science (2015)
  • RMIT Vice-Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship (2015–2018)
  • Australian Endeavour Fellowship, Australian Government (2010)

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