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Dr Xiaowei Wang

Diploma of Cardiac Technology | BSc(Hons) | PhD (Monash University) | FCSANZ | FAHA

Dr Xiaowei Wang

Head: Molecular Imaging and Theranostics

Lead: Atherothrombosis Program


Monash University Supervisor

La Trobe University Supervisor

Torrens University supervisor

Swinburne University Supervisor

National Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow

+61 3 8532 1495

Dr Xiaowei Wang heads the Molecular Imaging and Theranostics laboratory at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. She also co-chairs the Atherothrombosis Program and the Mentoring Committee at the Institute.

Dr Wang was trained as a sonographer for echocardiography prior to her research career; therefore her work has a strong focus on translational cardiovascular research. Dr Wang’s work spans across several scientific fields, including physics, chemistry, biology and biotechnology, and uniquely combines both basic research and translational development of future diagnostic tools to be used in patients. Her research focuses on preclinical molecular imaging across a range of technologies, such as MRI, ultrasound, PET, microCT, fluorescence and photoacoustic imaging. Dr Wang has employed these technologies for both diagnostic and theranostic (simultaneous diagnosis, therapy and monitoring of treatment efficacy) purposes. Her other research interests are targeted drug therapy and the use of micro/nanoparticles for targeted delivery of drugs.

Dr Wang has presented her work at numerous conferences. She has been awarded 15 international and 12 national travel grants, 14 Young Investigator Awards and 18 prizes. Dr Wang is also a founding member of the Australian Society of Molecular Imaging (ASMI), established in 2013, and was elected as President. She is the Australian Representative for the both Federation of Asian Societies of Molecular Imaging (FASMI) as well as the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS). Dr Wang is the President-elect of FASMI and will be President in 2021. She is also on the Leadership Committee of the WMIS Women in Molecular Imaging Network.


  • President-Elect of the Federation of Asian Societies of Molecular Imaging (2018)
  • President of the Australian Society for Molecular Imaging (2018)
  • National Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow and Paul Korner Innovation Award (2018–2021)
  • Harold Mitchell Health Fellow
  • Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship and Paul Korner Innovation Award (2015–2016)


  • Baker Institute Sir Laurence Muir Prize for Outstanding Medical Research (2019)
  • Alfred Research Alliance Publication Prize for Basic Research (2019)
  • AVBS Achievement and Career Development Award (2018)
  • International Atherosclerosis Society Regional Federation for Asia Pacific Young Investigator Award (2018)

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