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Leading cycling commentator and broadcaster, Matt Keenan, has been an ambassador for the Baker Institute for several years now with a shared commitment to healthy lifestyles at the heart of this partnership.

Whether he is in Melbourne with his family, as he is now, or on the cycling circuit in Europe and other destinations around the globe, Matt takes every opportunity to highlight the important work of our researchers in driving better health outcomes.

He lives and breathes an active lifestyle and appreciates how precious life is, with a family history of heart disease never far from his mind.

Matt’s grandfather and two uncles on his mother's side all died of heart attacks in their 40s. "For my grandmother to lose her husband and then to bury two of her children at a very young age — that had a huge impact on her, just enormous," says Matt.

The impact the sudden deaths had on his mother was also significant and he recalls his mother being particularly vigilant about ensuring he and his brother had regular cholesterol checks as teenagers.

Matt has also taken part in a pioneering study by the Institute looking at the impact of a family history of heart disease, with analysis of this landmark study now underway.

Whilst Matt knows that genetic plays a big part in developing disease, he is committed to doing all he can to ensure he and his family maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and ‘keep it moving’.

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